Brake Pads

Brake pads are incredibly important active safety components and in direct contact with the brake discs that they apply pressure to. This is how they work to stop a vehicle. As a result, brake pad temperatures can reach more than 800°C during breaking and maintaining their quality is therefore critical.

The lifespan of your brake pads depends on the type of vehicle you are driving, on the roads you are using and on how you use them. Brake pads must be checked regularly to ensure safety.

Starting from only £59 Pocklingtons can fit your front or rear brake pads. Our professional technicians will: 

  • Remove the front (rear) wheels, remove brake calipers inspect fully and replace if required
  • Check brake discs for wear, measure disc thickness and compare to manufacturers specification
  • Inspect brake hoses, pipes and check security fixings
  • De-dust and clean brake calipers, inspect seals for leakage & check free movement of caliper pistons
  • Fit new brake pads using new anti-rattle springs, lubricate and refit calipers
  • Check for free rotation of brake discs, and visually inspect all inner wheel arch components
  • Refit wheels and torque tighten bolts to manufacturer’s specification
  • Check for play in wheel bearings and suspension components
  • Carry out low speed test of brake operation

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Brakes are one of the most crucial safety aspects of your car and making sure they are working properly is essential.

Brakes fitted from £59


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